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How to Good take Care Your Eye Sight
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Indian Yogis Quote:
"The face is the index of the mind and the eyes are the windows of the soul."
On a tangible level, eyes are our only windows to the world.

You can enjoy your happy life by seeing this beautiful nature, only if you have a good eye sight. So good eye care habit can be helpful to maintain the eye sight and also to improve the defective eye sight.

Step 1

Distance viewing or gazing

Practice Distance seeing (more than 20 feet' s away) - The human eye was not designed by creation for extended use in close-work (reading, computers, factory work, sewing etc). Gazing into the distance is the natural position of the eye (20 or more feet away). Eye muscles RELAX when distance seeing.

Step 2

Close Work or short viewing or gazing
Avoid Close Work during and immediately after Meals: Close work draws blood to the eyes, instead of being used for digestion, thus causing lack of nutrients to the eyes, weak eye muscles and cloudy vision.

Step 3

Tired or sick
Do not read when tired or sick - Weak bodily energy weakens the entire system. Reading during illness or fatigue weakens the focusing eye muscles.

Step 4 Avoid reading more than thirty minutes at a time - Thirty minutes is about maximum time the eyes can handle without strain or fatigue.

Step 5

Rising or falling sun gazing or viewing
Rising or falling Sunshine is Food for the Eyes - It is nourished and healed by its warm radiating energy.

Step 6

Eye exercise & massage
Eye exercise & massages gives some physical exercise to our eye muscles thus they regain its lost elasticity.

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