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How to prevent and nearsightedness? 

     Children do not know about the methods to protect their own vision.  Every parent and education worker has a direct responsibility to assist in protecting your child's vision.

      What will you do if your child is determined to be nearsighted after you have reviewed this site's materials?  A pair of minus-lens glasses will result in life-time myopia -- or a pair of plus lens can provide the opportunity for recovery. Please make the right choice for your kid's long-term visual welfare.

      We sincerely recommend the following steps for those who are taking the lead in protecting a child's distant vision.

1.  Do not sacrifice your life-time eye's health in exchange for    instantly sharp vision.  Avoid that first pair minus-lens glasses at a very young age.

2.  Defer the need of the first pair minus-lens glasses until a later age.  If minus-lens glasses are inescapable, restrict their use for the chalk-board only.

3.  Educate children about concept of eye glasses at an early    age -- nearsighted glasses are not a symbol of intelligence,but rather a matter of a life-time handicap and dependency.

4.  Restrict reading and writing at distance not less than 30 cm   (12 inches) with sufficient lighting.

5.  Use a moderate strength of plus lens for any protracted near work in order to relieve your near point stress.

6.  Adopt large font size in computer and large printing for reading.  Larger print size allows you to read at a greater distance.

7.  Adequately rest your eyes at 5 minutes intervals for any protracted near-work.

8.  Encourage more outdoor activities and exercise, basket ball  cycling, tennis etc.

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