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Lens Materials BioNylon by DALLOZ CREATIONS
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 With focus on increasing the use of sustainable materials in its production, Dalloz Creations®, inventor of the patented CRIDAL® SUN LENS material (BPA & Phthalate free lens material) has announced the launch of a new Bio-based lens material: BioNylon.

Dalloz Creations is committing to a more sustainable approach in its production lines and choice of materials. The new BioNylon material by Dalloz Creations is made from an ecological resin derived from castor oil, taking its energy from the bio-mass. The castor plant grows in semi-arid areas and does not compete as a food crop. The production process requires less energy than the production of a classic lens, and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to its purified resin quality.

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